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Run Spidy Run
"GET BACK HERE" a voice shouted for all to hear. While it started off as a normal day in the DAzoo it has turned into a battlefield as Tour Guide Spidy was now being chased through the zoo by a very agitated Wolf-girl by the name of Meje
"why me" Spidy said as he ducked a and saw Iccolo being launched over his head "Damn she is pissed" he said seeing the confused Iccolo fly off in the air. He thought back to how this had all started. He was sitting at the popular eating area of the zoo. Him and a few others who live there were relaxing after a long day. Spidy was eating a few chocolate turtles and loving every bit. But then something caught his eyes. His mind went on shutdown for a few minutes as he saw his girlfriend MC walk by with a towel in one hand and wearing a bathing suit. He figured she was going from a swim but the reason didn't really matter he just couldn't look away as she walked by.  His thoughts wandered a bit till he heard a sound that sent a chill through his
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scott pilgrim Spidy by spiderninja16 scott pilgrim Spidy :iconspiderninja16:spiderninja16 0 0
Collab: Chapter 5
Naruto’s  mind was a blur trying to figure out how this happened. He was talking to Hinata and then suddenly he was kissing her. ‘how the hell did this happen’ he thought to himself ‘and why haven’t I pulled back’ he was about to when the young hyuuga wrapped her arms around his neck much to the blonds surprise ‘she…she just…wait she is kissing me back…I’m kissing Hinata Hyuuga and she is returning the kiss’ Naruto yelled inside his head ‘I shouldn’t its to fast…but her lips are so soft…no focus do not think about her or how she has gotten a lot prettier over the years and her skin is so smooth and laugh so nice’
Suddenly naruto’s arm wrapped around her and felt the same as when his head moved forward to kiss her. Like someone else moved it for him ‘that is I don’t care I’m just enjoying this’ he thought as he pulled her close continuing the make out session
While Nar
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DA Zoo fic
                                         Spidy and MC
“Put away the menus?”
“Yes sir”
“You clean the tables?”
“Yes sir”
“good now sweep up outside.”
“Yes sir”
“and no trouble or your out of here ya hear that?”
“Yes sir”
It was a cool spring day and in front of the old pizza parlor you could see a male of around 19 sweeping up the front patio of the restaurants. He was tall with long light brown hair tied in a ponytail. He had blue eyes and light wire glasses and wore an unbuttoned red shirt over a white t-shirt and blue jeans, and even though he hated it, on top of all that was an apron with the logo of the pizza parlor. “Stupid old badger. Still can’t decide why I haven’t just quit
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My first sword by spiderninja16 My first sword :iconspiderninja16:spiderninja16 3 12 My Hook Swords by spiderninja16 My Hook Swords :iconspiderninja16:spiderninja16 6 16
Sea of Rebirth Ch.3
Sea of Rebirth ch 3: Departure
The door of the Hokage’s office loomed over Naruto, even though this was normally a safe haven for him. He looked at the oak divide and sighed. Seeing this Iruka placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a warm grin. “You ready?” Naruto sighed and nodded, then reached out his hand to knock on the door.
“Come in” they heard the Hokage beckon.
The two entered the office to see Kakashi, Takeo and the Hokage looking over a massive amount of files. The three men were all surprised when they saw the blond hired boy but each gained a different emotion soon after
The Hokage saw Iuka’s hand on the boy and smiled, Happy that at least some in this village can see past his tenant to who Naruto truly is. Kakashi just shrugged and returned to reading his book, but anyone who knew him could see that he was relieved that his student was ok. Then there is Takeo who…
“There you are you little pervert!”
Got really upset w
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Daisuke Konkouen
Name: Daisuke Konkouen
Age: 19
Likes: girls, reading, training, laughing
Dislikes: bullies, paperwork, snobs
Gender: Male
Chakra Nature : fire
2nd Element: wind
Village: leaf
Family: last of the Konkuen clan.
Appearance: Tall with blue eyes, dark blond hair tied in pony-tail in the back and headband on forhead.
Red sleeveless jacket with hood up and open to reveal white muscle shirt underneith.
Pants are black kung-fu style pants with kunai holster on right leg
belt that carries ninja gear and has holster for dual broadsword
normal black ninja sandles
black gloves over bandaged hands
Personality: Shy at first to people but is very protective of all his friends. Very inquisitive and always trying to help people.
History: when he started at the academy he had trouble making friends but not enemies. It was though this that he gained his hatred of bullies of any form. death of parents at age 10 when they where attacked at home while using Daisuke as a human shield to stop his parents from
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Strength of Heart
There are three types of strengths
Strength of body,
Strength of mind,
And strength of heart
The first two can be tested any time
Physical strength trough physical work,
Mental strength through any study
But strength of the heart is different
It can only be tested though tragedy and strife
It is then that ones heart strength is truly shown
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Sea of Rebirth Ch. 2
Family reunions are a happy time. A time where those long separated could reunite. Here they can tell of memories long since past, enjoy stories of there companions and rekindle the relationship that only those of the blood can have. This is what Takeo had expected. But instead of a joyous reunion, he got a face full of a juvenile ninja’s fist.
“Naruto what are you doing?” the Hokage yelled, slamming his hands on his desk.
“What, you heard what this guy said.” Naruto shouted shaking his fist. “We both know I don’t have any family left. So then this guy says that! He deserved it.”
“But Naruto, this man IS your uncle.” Kakashi gestured to the man on the ground.
“Wh-wh-what!!!” Naruto stammered.
“Yes, I just arrived here and I am really exhausted from my journey.” The man said pulling himself up. “So don’t get to confident over one little punc-” again, the man was cut off by another fist, this one with ev
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Sea of Rebirth Ch. 1 redone
Sea of Rebirth Chapter 1. (redone)
It was a bright day in Konoha. If you where to look into one particular training ground you would have spotted two young ninjas sitting by 3 logs imbedded in the ground, one with bright pink hair and the other with jet black hair.
“Sasuke-kun where are they?” Sakura said turning to he crush “Sure, Kakashi-sensei is always late but Naruto?”
Sasuke just shrugged, “what does it matter if that blond fool is here or not. It’s not like-”
“SASUKE!” a loud voice blasted from the distance.
Sasuke just sighed. “Well speak of the dobe.” He said, turning to the origin of the voice. “What is it now Naruto, Do we have to sit through another wannabe-Hokage speech–?”
“Shut up.” Naruto growled. “Why did you tell everyone you defeated Haku alone?”
“Because that’s what happened. Sure you tried to help but you only succeeded in almost getting us both killed, if I ha
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Interlude A new day: Bonus V
AN: Do you know Roxanne? Yes, that motion picture/film with Steve Martin. This here was partly inspired by it.
Konoha no Roxanne
It was a bright day in February for the citizens of Konoha. The sky was clear and the leaves were a brilliant shade of red…
“What did you call me?”
… And one round ninja was attacking another for calling him fat-ass.
“Damn it, Choji, every time you get insulted on your weight you freak out and cause as much trouble as Lee and Nekomata-sempai do when they are drunk.” A very mad Ino said to her plump team-mate.
“Sorry Ino.” Choji said ashamed “I just-”
“I know what happened,” Ino cut him off. “You got called a name and you freaked out and ruined Shikamaru and Temari’s baby shower.”
“I’m sorry you guys.” Choji said turning towards his friend and his wife and kid.
Shikamaru just sighed “Calm down you two its no big deal. It was a troublesome party anyway.” T
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Stag Night
The streets where relatively quiet, most of the citizens of Konoha had already turned it in for the night.
“For he’s a jolly good fellow,”
That is, except for one late night bar…
“For he’s a jolly good fellow,”
Six of Konoha most talented shinobi were there…
“For he’s a jolly good felllooooooooww,”
And it would be an understatement to say that most where a little tipsy…
“Which nobody can deny!”
They had been singing to the reason of their celebration. The blonde man could not stop smiling.
“But that doesn’t mean we not try!”
“Ow, shut it Kiba,” Naruto said to the fanged boy who just fell over laughing.
“Calm down Naruto, he is just upset because he couldn’t get Hinata for himself,” Sasuke said taking another swig of his drink.
Yes, it was true; the boys of the rookie nine had gathered to celebrate Naruto’s final night as a free man, for tomorrow he would finally be married
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Interlude A new day: Bonus IV
Final Accident: Accidental Angel
It was late at night; Most of the village went to bed hours ago. The streets were barren, except for two tired Jo-nin.
“Well, that was FUN.” The female of the two said to the male.
“Certainly it was.” The man answered, then he noticed the woman’s shivering.
“Ayane, you are cold.” He stated, turning towards her.
“Oh no, I’m fine. It’s just a little chilly out here.” She replied, rubbing her arms.
Gai looked away for a moment before he wrapped his arm around her waist with a heavy blush, drawing her close to him.
Ayane, with a slightly less powerful blush, looked up at him. “Gai?”
He turned his head so as to not meet her gaze. “W-well it would be bad if you caught a cold out here, you know… survival 101.”
“Oh, I see…”
A silence befell the two until Gai spoke again. “Man, I can’t believe those two are getting married.”
“I know it was de
:iconspiderninja16:spiderninja16 5 7
Interlude A new day: Bonus III
Accident No. 3: Sorry for misjudging you (Gai’s story)
Jiraiya went bug-eyed. “I-I lost?”
Tsunade gave him an evil glare. “Oh yes, so you have.”
That was it. He fainted…
“So much for the great toad sage.”
Everyone gave a slight laugh at the unconscious man.
“Well can you blame him? Not even I thought she had a chance against nii-san.” Kamikashi stated.
Now that the fight was over, Ayane decided to finally ask some of the questions that have been plaguing her mind. “Why do you call him nii-san, Kamikashi-sama?”
Kamikashi just smiled “Because... as I met him, I thought that I could not believe my ears. Look at him, look beyond. Can you hear him crying, Ayane-san?”
Kakashi turned towards the two girls and added “Gai… hasn't shown a genuine smile since he was 19.”
Ayane was shocked, she turned towards Kamikashi who just smiled and said and placed a hand on her shoulder. “But I also could hear h
:iconspiderninja16:spiderninja16 5 7
Interlude A new day: Bonus II
Accident No 2: Sorry for deceiving you…
“One, two, one, two, one, two…”
Today was the day, the final round of the Jo-nin Exams.
“One, two, one, two, one, two…”
Unlike the Chu-nin exams, this one was not one for public viewing, except for a few exceptions, and only had ninja from Konoha participating in order to protect the Jo-nins’ secrets. That was also why it was held in training area 51, the underground arena.
“One, two, one, two, one, two…”
Many hopeful Chu-nin where both excited and a little scared of what they would be facing in a few short hours.
“One, two, one, two, one, two…”
One of these hopeful ones was the last Chu-nin of Team Gai, Tenten.
“One, two, one, two, one, two…”
“Alright Tenten, that’s enough warm-ups now. Don’t want to tire yourself out before the fight even begins.” Gai cheerfully said to his student, getting up form her stretching position. She was wea
:iconspiderninja16:spiderninja16 5 21


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seems I just got back from my kung fu tournament and now Im heading out again to attend Metrocon, which for those who dont know is Florida's largest anime convention.

well I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I will



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